SSARS 2013 Summary
Summer Safety and Reliability Seminar
SSARS 2013

The SSARS Seminars are organized each year by Polish Safety and Reliability Association – PSRA and European Safety and Reliability Association – ESRA in a resort Sopot placed at the Baltic seaside in Poland. The 7-th Seminar took place on 23-29.06.2013. and was chaired by Prof. Krzysztof Kołowrocki and Prof. Joanna Soszyńska-Budny from Gdynia Maritime University and Prof. Enrico Zio from Polytechnic of Milan.

The idea beyond the organization of the annual, one-week Summer Safety and Reliability Seminars is to provide a forum for discussing, advancing and developing methods for the safety and reliability analysis of the complex systems, which form the backbone of our modern Societies. The subjects of the Seminars are chosen each year by the Programme Board in an effort to dynamically represent the methodological advancements developed to meet the newly arising challenges in the field of safety and reliability analysis.

This year the emphasis was addressed to the following subjects:
• Reliability, Safety and Vulnerability of Systems and Networks;
• Risk Analysis Methods;
• Monte Carlo Simulation Methods Applications in Safety and Reliability;
• System Maintenance Optimization;
• Safety of Critical Infrastructures.

Both 1-2 hours lectures on advanced methods (accompanied by a corresponding full text of up to 12 pages) and technical presentations of 20-30 minutes on applications of such methods (with corresponding full text of up to 8 pages) were offered during the plenary sessions and the seminar sessions, respectively. Moreover two training courses and two workshops were organized.

The extended version of papers and lectures in the form of articles were collected in the Journal of Polish Safety and Reliability Association, Summer Safety and Reliability Seminars – JPSRA, Volume 4, Numbers 1-2 (currently rated at 6 points on the Poland’s Ministry of Science and Higher Education List of Scientific Journals and sent to Thompson Reuters for evaluation and Impact Factor indexation), which constituted an up-to-date reference textbook for the participants of the Seminars and all the researchers in the field. The JPSRA Editorial Board had performed the evaluations of all contributions and in all, 33 papers and lectures have been accepted for presentation during the Seminar and 26 out of them were published in the JPSRA Volume 4. 13 of the papers and lectures are included in its Number 1 and 13 of the papers and lectures are included in its Number 2.

Excellent social events, including Bowling Evening, Visiting Old Town Gdansk and Seminar Gala Dinner, were organized during SSARS 2013. At Seminar Gala Dinner, the Coronation of two New SSARS Professors, Prof. Joanna Soszyńska-Budny and Prof. Barbara Tchórzewska-Cieślak, was celebrated. The Coronation is illustrated in the attached photo.

SSARS 2013 was financially supported by the ESRA. This support, we thank a lot, helped us to make SSARS 2013 one of the excellent safety and reliability event of this year.
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The next SSARS 2014 will be he held in Sopot on 22-28.06.2014 and be mainly focused on the Safety, Security and Reliability, Preparedness and Resilience of Critical Infrastructures, Accident Consequences Analysis and Complex Systems and Processes Safety and Reliability Optimization which are currently main subjects in the world safety and reliability science activity.

Krzysztof Kołowrocki & Joanna Soszńska-Budny
Sopot, 29.06.2013.
SSARS 2013 - Summary