Scientific Boards
  • Krzysztof Kołowrocki, Gdynia Maritime University, Poland
  • Enrico Zio, Ecole Centrale Paris-Supelec, France and Polytechnic of Milan, Italy

Editorial Board
  • Juozas Augustis, Lithuania
  • Terje Aven, Norway
  • Christophe Berenguer, France
  • Heinz-Peter Berg, Germany
  • Radim Bris, Czech Republic
  • Ji Hwan Cha, South Korea
  • David Coit, USA
  • Frank Coolen, UK
  • Balbir S. Dhilon, Canada
  • Jose Caldeira Duarte, Portugal
  • Mohamed Eid, France
  • Mitra Fouladirad, France
  • Franciszek Grabski, Poland
  • Renkuan Guo, South Africa
  • Napat Harnpornchai, Thailand
  • Kiyotada Hayashi, Japan
  • Olgierd Hryniewicz, Poland
  • Jung Sik Jeong, South Korea
  • Krzysztof Kołowrocki – Co-Editor in Chief, Poland
  • Kazimierz Kosmowski, Poland
  • Andrey Kostogryzov, Russia
  • Uday Kumar, Sweden
  • You Liu, China
  • Maria Francesca Milazzo, Italy
  • Andrzej Niewczas, Poland
  • Nikitas Nikitakos, Greece
  • Tomasz Nowakowski, Poland
  • Gyei-Kark Park, South Korea
  • Hoang Pham, USA
  • Yousif Rahim, Norway
  • Thanasis Sfetsos, Greece
  • Joanna Soszyńska-Budny – Co-Editor in Chief, Poland
  • Christian Tanguy, France
  • Barbara Tchórzewska-Cieślak, Poland
  • Egidijus R. Vaidogas, Lithuania
  • David Valis, Czech Republic
  • Jin Wang, UK
  • Min Xie, Hong Kong
  • Enrico Zio, Co-Editor in Chief, Italy
  • Ming J. Zuo, Canada

Thematic Days and Organizers (To be completed)

Thematic Days and Plenary Lectures on Safety, Security and Reliability of Critical Infrastructures and Nano-Systems are especially welcome

Invited Professors, Plenary Lectures(To be completed)
  • Heinz-Peter Berg, Reliability and Vulnerability of Critical Infrastructure – Electricity
  • Franciszek Grabski, ...
  • Krzysztof Kołowrocki, On Safety of Critical Infrastructures with Application to Port Transportation System
  • Kazimierz Kosmowski, Problems in Designing and Operating Functional Safety Solutions of Higher Integrity Levels
  • Maria Francesca Milazzo, Approaches to Industrial Risk Assessment Coupled with Catastrophic Natural Phenomenon
  • Tomasz Nowakowski, Vulnerability and Resilience of Supply Chains
  • Christian Tanguy, Influence of Polarization-Mode Dispersion on the Availability of Connectionsins in Telecommunication Optical Networks
  • Barbara Tchórzewska-Cieślak, Safety of Water Supply Networks
  • Wojciech Zmojski, ...

Invited Professors,Workshops & Training Courses (To be completed)
  • Heinz-Peter Berg, Considerations on Applying Risk-Informed Decision Making Process to Security Issues
  • Mohamed Eid, …
  • Krzysztof Kołowrocki, Identification of multistate system component safety models

Organising Board
  • Sambor Guze
  • Ewa Kuligowska
  • Joanna Soszyńska-Budny - Chair